Solar Inverter Repair and Maintenance

Is your inverter displaying error codes? Is that trusty green status light flashing Amber or Red? Is your Micro Inverter monitoring system emailing you error messages? Cascade Solar specializes in solar inverter repair and maintenance. We will come to your location to check out the problem and make the necessary steps to get your system back online. Most inverters carry a factory warranty of 10-25 years. We will work with the manufacturer to have any failed part replaced that might be covered under the warranty. If your warranty has lapsed we will work up a full service proposal before any work is complete. We stock most replacement parts so we can get your system back online during the same visit. Cascade Solar is a certified Fronius Service Provider (FSP) and certified Power One (ABB) service provider, so you can be assured your solar inverter in the right hands. We have years of experience working on all types of inverters including but not limited to Fronius IG, Fronius IG Plus, Fronius Symo, Fronius Primo, Enphase, SMA, Renesola, Power-One, ABB, APS, PV Powered, and many more. Call us today and we will get your system back up and running.

We also offer annual service contracts to inspect and maintain solar systems. Your solar system should have a check up once or even twice a year similar to changing the oil in your car. You have made an investment in your system and we make sure it runs at its peak performance.

Premium Solar Inverter Repair & Maintenance?

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