Cascade Solar has exceeded our expectations at every step of the process. They provided us with very detailed analysis specific to our install and educated us on our energy use and how solar could benefit us. Part of this analysis involved installing an eGauge meter on our facility even before we had signed a contract with them. This is an example of their attention to detail and desire to do the job right. Their goal was not just to install a solar system on our building but to work with us as partners to help lower our energy costs.

We can attest to the strong ethical character of the company and employees. We have total trust in them which they earned through their dealings with us on this project. Any questions or concerns we had were immediately addressed or answered. They devoted time outside of the scope of the project to help us apply for financial incentives in the form or rebates and contests.

They communicated with us through-out the process so we always knew what to expect. The project came in at budget. The quality of the final product and installation met our high standards. In fact, they did some things as standard operation procedures that we wouldn’t have expected to ensure the quality and longevity of the installation.